"The Street Remains" is a mini album released before "Cosmic Horror III: Stella Polaris" with songs which couldn't fit it but were recorded during the same recording sessions. Feat. legendary Nik Turner on track 6.

CD version  includes extended version of "In The Blood" from upcoming "Stella Polaris" album and three cover songs: "The Ancient Ones" continuing the Lovecraftian theme of the album originally performed by Morbid Angel, "I Breathe" originally performed by Swedish pop cult band Vacuum and theme song "Bad Things" from cult series "True Blood" originally performed by Jace Everett. Plus two tracks previously unreleased on CD. To be released on Atomic Age Records under number AAR15-04.


"The Street Remains":

1. In The Blood (extended single version) (Sparky Simmons) 6:55

2. The Ancient Ones (Azagthoth) 5:40

3. I Breathe (Alexander Bard / Anders Wollbeck) 4:31

4. Bad Things (Jace Everett) 2:53

5. Earth Gods Dance (Alisa Coral) 6:30

6. Rituals of Shub-Niggurath (Space Mirrors) 15:36

Total time: 41:57


Alisa Coral - analog & digital synthesizers, mellotron, theremin; voice on 6

Martyr Lucifer - all lead and backing vocals

Sparky Simmons - lead & rhythm electric guitars

Gabriel Monticello - bass, upright bass, Ashbory bass

Claudio Tirincanti - drums, percussion

Nik Turner - flute, saxophone on 6

Kevin M Sommers - graphics, visuals


Art from the album:



Digital version of Space Mirrors EP "The Street Remains" (first 4 tracks) will be released on June 10th and will be featured in all digital outlets (Amazon, iTunes, etc.):