Alisa Coral's NEUTRON STAR

(Atomic Age Records, AAR 002)

(available to buy from RAIG, Cd Services (, Dead Earnest (, Alien Dream website, RubbishRecords store, Irond Ltd. (in Russia).)

sound samples are available on:


     1. Morning on Eos (3:28)

2. Neutron Star (28:39)

3. Black Hole (19:43)

4. Dying Star (5:33)

5. White/Black Dwarf (3:29)

6. Over Jupiter to Eos (4:23)

                                                  bonus: 7. PSR 0820 + 02 (9:45)

                                             Total time: 75:04


"Neutron Star" album was remastered and bonus track was added for re-issue in 2005. CDs are manufactured by UEP-CD. Four-page colorful insert.

Alisa's comments about the music: "For many years I was fascinated with astronomy. This album is like a soundtrack to the journey around the stars. Neutron Star, Black Hole, Dying star, Dwarf stars - music reflects the processes that are happening deep in the Universe. Ambient trip into the cosmic soundscapes."

Music in style of early Tangerine Dream (Phaedra, Atem), J.-M. Jarre (Oxygene), Harvey Bainbridge and Tim Blake!


Andy Garibaldi review (from CD Services catalogue):

"Formerly a CDR by Mirrors called "Neutron Star", this is now completely remastered and remixed to vastly superior quality, on every level, as well as having a near ten minute bonus track, taking its running time to over seventy five minutes.
From Russia, a simply fabulous CD of 'real' space synths music, featuring two lengthy tracks (nineteen and twenty-eight minuets respectively), four shorter tracks, the extra nine minute tarck, and all of it absolutely superb. Played and produced in a top quality manner, the album sets the scene before moving onto the two epic tracks, of which Neutron Star' at twenty-eight minutes, starts with a very full-sounding slice of lead synth flow below which assorted synth layers drone and glide, while on top the tones change from high register to more bottom-end as all the various layers intertwine, the composition constantly moving, with the subtlest of bass sequence style lines running underneath, as the lead synth line flies and soars in cosmic splendour. Throughout the rest of the track, the main, lone synth lead lines are kept simple and uncluttered with a sparse soundscape that conveys the feel of vast, deep space, but more the unknown rather than the familiar, after the half-way point becoming quite eerie and continuing the ever-darkening mood, as more sounds gather to convey the feel of the stark and the surreal. The other long track, 'Black Hole',  at 19 minutes, follows and is another fantastic journey into the realms of the celestial and space synth music, with a variety of cascading and tinkling synth rhythms underneath as the main body of the piece slowly flies, drifts and glides, seemingly hanging motionless in the gloom at several points, but a classic slice of, again, more stripped-down sounding cosmic music, but, in this particular case, a track that will have you absolutely wrapt up in it for the duration of the piece, as before, the mood being one of combining dark with ethereal, the human touch always present. After this, the shorter tracks appear, 'Dying Star' having a stuttering  sequencer line underpinning a most gorgeous and, again, simple, lead synth melody line, a neat idea that works a treat, while 'White/Black Quark'  is a three minute track that starts with waves of full-sounding, dark synth soundscapes, beginning a travelogue that sees a variety of electronic sounds coming out over a deep bass synth undercurrent. 'Over Jupiter To Eos'  is a 'more full-sounding space synths track that emulates the third epic track in many ways, with four minutes of shimmering stark synth space. The bonus track, 'PSR 0820+02' starts with warm flowing synth clouds that well up from below as bass rumbles sound along the bottom of the mix, the whole thing having very much a tranquil feel, and parts of it almost reminiscent of a track whose title escapes me from the album 'Zero Time' by Tonto, only here given a much superior space music makeover, the sonic delights slowly unfolding as the warmth allies with the cosmic to provide a richly textured, evolving, end track that rounds off a simply brilliant new take on cosmic synth music. In all, a fine debut album."

First release reviews

Review in Prognaut (2007)