Memories of the Future promo info: "Music of this psychedelic space metal band will appeal to the fans of space rock bands Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, krautrock/industrial Pressurehed as well as to many Metal and Prog fans - from Ayreon cosmic atmosphere to the strangeness of Sigh and trippy charm of The Gathering. It's the epic album featuring heavy guitar riffing allied to the soaring multi-synths, different types of vocals and pounding rhythms. It's heavy, dark and apocalyptic, some songs have industrial flavour. "






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Memories of the Future (SR-048, Sleaszy Rider Records)

1. Maya "Last Flight" Ceremony (Alisa Coral)
2. Creatures of the Twilight (Alisa Coral) - Martin Litmus on bass
 I. Desert signs
II. Twilight creatures
III. Genies' dance
IV. Sumerian sands

3. Travelling to the Core (Alisa Coral) - minimoog solo by Keith K.
4. Eternal Search (Alisa Coral/Amber) - vocals by Amber
5. Death Inc. (Alisa Coral)
6. Mysteries of an Ancient race (Michael Blackman)
7. Feed The Serpent (Michael Blackman)
Dune Trilogy: (Alisa Coral) 
8. The Prophecy Fulfilled - vocals by Amber
9. The Space Crusade - vocals by Metatron
10. The Golden Path - vocals by Amber
bonus track:
11. Opa-Loka/Uncle Sam's on Mars (Brock, Calvert, King, Powell) - guest vocals by Metatron

Playing time: 74:09 

Alisa Coral - keyboards,synths,solos,drums,bass on 3,4,5,vocals on 2,5,7,11
Michael Blackman - lead and rhythm guitars,bass on 6,7,8,9,10,11, drums on 6,7
Amber - vocals on 4,8,10
Keith Kniveton - minimoog solo and effects on 3
Martin Litmus - bass on 2
Metatron - vocals on 9,11

Music and lyrics by Alisa Coral except tracks 6,7 by Michael Blackman, lyrics for 4 by Amber. Track 11 written by Hawkwind/Robert Calvert. Additional keys on 6 and 'news' voice on 5 by Michael. Recorded at various studios around the world in 2004-2005. 
Mixed, mastered and produced by Alisa Coral at KZI Studio.

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