Modern Dance Magazine review:


SPACE MIRRORS. The Darker Side Of Art. Dead Earnest DERNCD77
The term spacerock has been used quite a lot over the last few years. Indeed, our good mate Jerry Kranitz has a magazine almost dedicated to the ever expanding musical universe of this art form. It's difficult for reviewers without naming Hawkwind, for lest we forget, it was these guys who started it all. Dead Ernest is a label that's released only a few albums, and whilst they have diversified, Space Mirrors are firmly entrenched in the space rock camp. And what a cracker! It seems that a lot of the new breed of spacerockers take what I reckon to be the best sounds of Hawkwind, and concentrate on it. There's eight tracks here, all chunky buggers, but what I especially enjoyed about this cd was the plain and simple fact that ambient plays just as an important role as rock. Tracks such as Portal Spell, Pale Ghosts, Black Dragon and Dark Jedi have all the right imagery, atmosphere and downright balls to the wall riffing that keeps the space rock flame burning ever so brightly. A gem. (Dw)