Links  - Myspace page of Space Mirrors

Alisa Coral's Russian blog

Transubstans Records - our record label

Carry Munter's reviews - read SM reviews there!

Hawkwind official website

Nik Turner website - co-founder of Hawkwind

Hortus Animae websiteItalian Extreme Avantegarde Metal

Martyr Lucifer website singer of Hortus Animae, Opposite Sides and Space Mirrors

Hate Profile (Amon 418's band)

Opposite Sides (Massimo Arke's band)

Space RitualNik Turner's Space rock band

Alien Dream - site of an excellent Australian musician - Michael Blackman

UfoCasebook - site #1 about UFO's with lots of facts and research

Litmus - - British heavy Space Rock band 

Cyndee Lee Rule - Viper violin virtuoso

The Meads of Asphodel - Avant-garde Black Metal from UK

Norsk Svart Metall - A History of Norwegian Black Metal - The Djinnsphere: 

a huge database on music, literature and movies with images of signed photos, cd covers

Anubian Lights - US electronic space rock with eastern melodies

Dead Earnest - space rock record label - great source of info about HW

Strange-Trips - space rock info and festivals

Space Rock info site

Sigh - Japanese psychedelic metal band with great synths

Tim Blake official website

Ayreon - Arjen A. Lucassen's space metal projects

Ozric Tentacles official website

Mr. Quimby's Beard - a wonderful UK space rock band

Spaced Out Sounds - Australian psychedelic space rock label - the site of a prog multi-instrumentalist musician from Netherlands

RAIG - Russian Association of Independent Genres


Nightly Radio Channel of  Electronic & Progressive music