Music… I listen too. Hawkwind.


Музыка, которую я слушаю.

Краткая рецензия на новый альбом Hawkwind. На английском, потому что лениво переводить. Взято с моего фейсбука:

Only 10 days since the release and my copy of Hawkwind “The Machine Stops” reached me here. People who know me know that I always say what I think. smile emoticon You can throw stones at me but I think it’s the best Hawkwind album since “Alien 4”. And I love that one. New album though reminds me mostly of HW 80’s era which I truly adore. Excellent album through and through. Very complete and cohesive. Tunes are catchy where it’s needed and nice and mellow at right places. Top songwriting, compostion and musicianship. And the most important thing is that I listened to it in one breath, no boring moments. Just wanting for more! Great job from Dave Brock and all the crew! Big thumbs up.

Update: альбом попал в общие британские чарты на 29 место в первую же неделю после выпуска, чего не происходило с группой с начала 80-х.