Alisa Coral’s Discography

w/Space Mirrors

“The Darker Side of Art” (feat. Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon) Dead Earnest 2004
“Memories of the Future” Sleaszy Rider Records 2006
“Majestic-12: A Hidden Presence” Sleaszy Rider Records 2009
“Dreams of Area 51/Space Beyond Space” /w Acid FM on 7” MonsterFuzz Records 2011
“In Darkness They Whisper” Transubstans Records 2012
“The Other Gods” Transubstans Records 2013
“The Golden Path” EP Atomic Age Records 2014
“The Street Remains” EP Atomic Age Records 2015
“Stella Polaris” Atomic Age Records 2015

w/Psi Corps
“Tekeli-li (A soundtrack to the adventures of A.G. Pym)” 2009 RAIG
“All Roads Lead to Amber” 2010 RAIG
“Shadow Creatures” EP 2010

“Fraternal Order Of” 2014

Alisa Coral’s “Neutron Star” 2005
Frozen Fields “Fimbulwinter” 2002

Guest appearances – Synthesizers, theremin:
The Meads of Asphodel: 2 albums
Alien Dream: 2 albums
Vespero: 1 album

– Voice and modelling:
Alan Davey “Sputnik Stan Vol. 1” 2015

– mixing/mastering/soundproducer:
Vespero (3 CDs, 1 LP), Jet Jaguar (4 CDs), Summer of Teargas (1 LP), Think Blue Count Two (1 LP), The Re-Stoned (2 CDs), Rushus (2 CDs), Kalutaliksuak (1 CD), Carboneids (EP), Nattefrost (CD), Sendelica (CD), A Foggy Realm (2 CDs), Acid FM (1 CD), Spaceseed, etc..